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Dr. Dieter Baas
Dr. Dieter Baas

advises medium-size companies, primarily in corporate law matters, in
M & A – transactions (both buy-side and sell- side) as well as in Joint
Ventures. In these areas he also litigates before arbitration tribunals
and as arbitrator. The focus of his litigation activities is on shareholder
disputes in small and medium-size enterprises, professional liability law
of attorneys, auditors and accountants as well as media law.

Dr. Dieter Baas has been listed for years in the JUVE manual of business
law firms as a leading name in corporate law in Baden-Wuerttemberg.

Dr. Arndt Overlack
Dr. Arndt Overlack

is particularly experienced in M & A transactions where he advises
buyers and sellers. His focus is on small and medium-size enterprises.
He is a member of several supervisory boards and advisory committees.
A particular focus of his work is on arbitrations. He is called to national
and international arbitration courts as both arbitrator and chairman.

The JUVE manual of business law firms lists Dr. A. Overlack among the
“leading names in arbitration”.

Dr. Wolfgang Witz
Dr. Wolfgang Witz

Dr. Wolfgang Witz, LL.M. (University of Chicago) has extensive
experience in corporate law, M & A transactions and intellectual
property rights. In these areas, he advises and litigates. He focuses
on family owned businesses and international arbitration.

Mathias R. Overlack, LL.M, MBA
Mathias R. Overlack, LL.M, MBA

Mathias Overlack provides corporate legal and commercial advice. He
regularly advises in landlord-tenant and labor law disputes and negotiates
domestic and international turn key projects. His clients include family-
owned and U.S. companies, managing directors, entrepreneurs, real
estate developers and landlords.

Mathias is licensed to practice law in Germany and in New York (USA).

From 1999 to 2002, Mathias worked as an associate of an international
law firm based in New York. After a short period as in-house lawyer for a
management consulting firm based in Hamburg, Mathias studied economics
at London Business School graduating as Masters in Business Administration
(MBA) in 2005. During his studies he advised the Trust Agency of the European
Union with respect to the privatization of state-owned enterprises in Kosovo.

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